available from august 3rd

       all pedicures include trimming, filing, cuticle tratament, callus work  


HOT quartz stone massages

      Rose quartz helps reduce stress and tension 



Aromatherapy offers various benefits by having analgesic properties, antibiotics, antiseptics, astringents, sedatives, expectorants and diuretics and can treat a wide range of symptoms and physical conditions such as Gastrointestinal complaints, skin conditions, menstrual pain and irregularities, stress-related conditions, disorders of the state of mood, circulatory problems, respiratory infections among others. In addition to these physical benefits, aromatherapy also offers benefits psychological, since the volatility of some oils or the ease with which they evaporate in the air it has a calming effect that facilitates relaxation.

An energizing hydration for your feet! Includes Dead Sea salt foot soak. naturally hydrating and rich in antioxidants with Moroccan Argan oil and botanical extracts. Along with a refreshing, stimulating exfoliation and full of vitamin C to eliminate your dead cells and prepare your skin for hydration with our mask enriched in shea butter, organ oil, cucumber extract and seaweed extract with hot towels. While the mask works, we take care of hydrating your feet even more with warm paraffin. Finished with a relaxing quartz stone massage and your choice of polish



W/ Regular polish

matcha dharanis

This pedicure is really amazing!! 

specially created for you.

Ease your feet into this exquisite almond milk, enriched in antioxidants, vitamin E and essential nutrients, which have an anti-inflammatory effect, it will help you restore your PH leaving your skin brighter and more hydrated. Following with a rich natural coffee scrub with coconut and olive oil. the coffee will give you better blood circulation and a detoxifying effect. coconut oil is enriched with vitamins A and E, a combination of ideal ingredients that deeply moisturize skin tissues, promote cell regeneration and provide softness. olive oil will help you deeply hydrate your cracked feet and give them greater elasticity.

and you think that's all?

This pedicure continues with a 100% natural matcha mask that contains a high content of antioxidants that help slow down the natural aging of the skin. It also helps us to have smoother skin and stronger nails due to its high collagen content. while the matcha mask works you will have warm paraffin on your feet to help even more with hydration and of course it ends with an intense massage with hot quartz stones.


W/ shellac 


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